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Quality 2030: quality management for the future


Quality management (QM) has shown an impressive ability to update and evolve. The purpose of this paper is to highlight themes that have been identified as vital and important for research projects within QM during the coming decade. The paper is also an attempt to initiate research for the emerging 2030 agenda for QM, here referred to as ‘Quality 2030’.

This article is based on extensive data gathered during a workshop process conducted in two main steps: (1) a collaborative brainstorming workshop with 22 researchers and practitioners (spring 2019) and (2) an appreciative inquiry summit with 20 researchers and practitioners (autumn 2019). The process produced five collectively elaborated and designed future research themes for QM: (a) systems perspectives applied, (b) stability in change, (c) models for smart self-organising, (d) integrating sustainable development, and (e) higher purpose as QM booster.

The process also identified a positive core of QM, defined as core values and aspects in the field and practice that need to be preserved and nurtured in the future.